Less is often more!

Tonight when I was fixing dinner, one of those meals where I only had a little of this and a little of that, I began to think of how so often, as parents, we offer too much when our children’s needs would be satisfied with less.  I decided on scrambled eggs.  I had only three strips of bacon and so after frying them up and dicing them, I added them to the eggs.  Along with some chopped onions, a few mushrooms, a little bit of left-over broccoli, some chopped green pepper, some grated cheddar cheese and some chilli powder to spice it up, it became, in my husband’s words, the most fantastic scrambled eggs he’s ever had!

I only share this because the process made me think.  To take something so ordinary – like eggs – and add a few small touches and make it “extraordinary” is what can happen so effortlessly for our children and our families.

So often we think too big.  “I wish we could go to Disney” or “Going to Wisconsin Dells would make the kids so happy”.  I’m encouraging you to take the ordinary and watch your children  make it extraordinary. 

All of us have memories of special times we hold dear from our childhoods.  I would be willing to bet most of them are of simple times – that were not big, planned events.  Let’s provide the same for our children; let’s remember to keep it simple.  Think back to your own childhoods and remember the things you thought were so special to do and that still resonate with you.

Going out for an ice cream cone; Cutting up a watermelon in the back yard and inviting some friends over to help eat it; Walking around the block and letting the kids run through every sprinkler they see – simple suggestions that are memory makers for kids and low cost, low stress and little preparation for parents. 

A pound of bacon would have overdone it.  Three strips diced was just enough.  A day at the beach, a parade the same evening and then a stop for an ice cream on the way home – too much.  Take advantage of keeping it simple and remember that less is most often more!

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