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Full service to self-serve – Toilet Learning!

It’s always fun when you hear some positive feedback.  Tonight while choosing my favorite foods  at China Buffet, a mom came up to me and said, “Hi Fran, I took your toilet learning workshop a few years ago and today at my garage sale, I sold my potty chairs – along with quoting you to the person buying it”.  That’s what Family Resources means when we say “Power of Parenting – Pass it on”.

Toilet learning can be a challenging time.  Parents dread it, want it to be over in a snap and often feel personally pressured for their child to be out of diapers.  Children quickly realize how important it is to their parents and often grab this sense of power and hold on (or in!) 

I talked to another mom this morning.  She told me that when her son is diaperless, he will go on the potty independently and then tell her he’s done.  But she said, “As soon as I tell him, we’re going to do potty training, he refuses to sit”.  My suggestion – “don’t tell him!  Just let him be diaperless when you’re at home.  And don’t talk about it in front of him or on the phone with your friends”.

Toilet learning is on a continuum as most development is.  It starts with full service at one point and ends at self-serve.  But in between, there are ups and downs, relapses, negativity, frustration( often on the parents’ part) and finally sucess.  The most important advice is to avoid a power struggle.

I’ll be doing  another toilet learning workshop, To Pee or not to Pee,  coming up at Family Resources on the 30th of July. Registration is necessary.  Join us if you have questions.

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