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Happy Father’s Day

I’m really glad there’s a special day set aside to recognize dads.  I’m even more pleased  that today’s dads are readily recognized as able caregivers who know how and want to nurture their children. 

Over the almost 20 years that Family Resources has been around,  we’ve seen a significant increase in fathers attending Play Shoppes, Parent Connection, Fun Nights, workshops and classes.  They have questions and concerns and play active roles in their children’s lives. Today’s  Dads “wear” their babies, change diapers, push strollers, fix supper for the kids, give baths, read good night stories, help with homework, and often are the sole parent in the home.  Did I mention play?

It was just a few evenings ago at Riverside Park when my husband and I were entranced and entertained watching a young father and his three young children romp and play and dart around in the grass.  They were all so totally in the moment – the children running pell mell, the dad chasing and swinging and being the “horsey” to all three of them until they collapsed, laughing and shrieking in a pile on the ground.  This was repeated many times over.  It could well have been put to music, so perfectly choreographed it looked to us from our viewing place. 

So, today on this Father’s Day, I’d like to say thank you to this special dad, who unbeknownst to him, offerred us this glimpse of pure joy.  And to all dads everywhere – those able to be with their children and those who are separated, by distance or circumstances – a sincere wish and a loud shout-out to how truly significant your positive  involvement is in the lives of your children.  Happy Father’s Day! 

(and by the way – check out Family Resources’  new 6-week program, 24-7 Dad,  focusing on the importance of being there and listening 24/7.)

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