Cucumber Boats!

We had a lot of fun last Friday at Family Resources’ Play Shoppe making cucumber boats.  If you’re looking for a fun idea for your family, try this activity.

You need as many cucumbers as boats you want to make.  Before carving the cucumbers, place them in a bucket of water to see how they float. (the side that faces up in the water becomes the top of the boat)  Have an adult use a kitchen knife to cut a wedge along the length of the cucumber and remove it.  Then let the kids use a spoon to scoop out the insides.  Presto!  A cucumber boat!

We decorated small paper sails for our boats, with markers and stickers, gluing the sails on to wooden skewers.  I stuck the very sharp wooden skewer into the boats for the children.  When I put 5-year-old Cole’s in for him, it wasn’t turned properly.  “I need it this way so the sail will catch the wind”  he told me.

And catch the wind the boats did as they floated down the different levels of the fountain next to the Radison Hotel, across from Riverside Park.  You can float these boats anywhere – in a creek, a pool or the bath tub.  They smell absolutely heavenly, so it’s a good idea to cut some extra cucumbers up for a snack – delicious and fresh!  A simple, fun idea that children will want to make into a tradition every summer!  Enjoy!

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