Parents and children – growing together

One of the reasons I love my job is the families I  meet –  and  over the years I’ve been at Family Resources, there have been many.  I get to know the parents and their children and what’s more,  I get to watch them as they all move along  the developmental continuum.  For as frequently as we observe a child’s development, we are simultaneously witnessing a parent develop and mature.

It was so obvious to me this past week and a half  ( probably why this subject is on my mind).  There were several occasions where families, who have been involved with our programs at Family Resources over the years, have crossed my path.  And what a special treat it is to see how children have grown.  There’s always the two-year-old that I recognize lurking behind that 10-year-old grin and the reserved 3-year-old whose mom always wanted him to say hi and good-bye Miss Fran,  who now steps up as an 8-year-old and says without prodding, ” Hi Miss Fran, I’m in third grade now”.   I saw the middle-schooler, whose parent worried about him as a preschooler, because he was  “always into  everything”,  now into archaeology and spending the summer at a dig.  And the other 8-year–old, who was the first born,  now, as big brother responsibly carrying around the third baby.

In this relaxed,” settled parent”  stage,   I  sense a feeling of parent confidence in their job.  They have come through their initiation as a brand new parent.  They have made it through many different stages and anxieties over how to manage this or that behavior.  They have learned to trust themselves and they have built a foundation on which to handle new concerns.

As joyful as it is for me to see the maturing child,  I am also always keenly aware and appreciative of the growth I sense in the parent.  There might even be a new parenting issue that they are presently working on, but it is approached with a different  sense of understanding and perspective.  So to all those parents out there who are growing, learning and developing  “in the trenches”,  right along with their kids,  whose children are heading off to Kindergarten, 1st grade, middle school,  whose son is celebrating his golden birthday, ( 16 on the 16th) ,  I say,  “You go, Mom!   You go, Dad!”

And remember – Family Resources is still there to continue serving you as a partner in your parenting journey.

Keep in touch.  We love it when you do!

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