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Pass It On

Pass it on – I love that expression and what it conjures up in my mind when I hear it.  There are so many positive things we can “pass on” as we go through life.

That’s why Family Resources chose to call our inter-generational gratitude walk –  PASS IT ON!   The walk  – to honor, celebrate , remember significant persons in your life – will be held on Saturday, August 29th, at Riverside Park from 9:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.  The route ( the loop around the park)  is easy, short and accessible to all.

Registration is not necessary, there’s no cost to walk, no pledges to gather.  Family Resources will be accepting free will donations to support our on-going free parenting programs.

As you walk along the route, there will be opportunities for you to personalize a heart with the name of the person you are celebrating.  There will be many different categories – Parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, children, teachers, co-workers/mentors, health providers, pets, foster parents, our U.S. Troops, etc and you may choose to hang a heart, on a designated tree, for any of these significant people in your life.

Miss Wisconsin, Kristina Smaby, whose platform is inter-generational activities, will be there to welcome and sign autographs.  There will be special postcards available for walkers to send to people that they have walked in honor and celebration of.

Along the way, walkers will find quotes reflecting a sense of gratitude and the difference people can make in somebody’s  life.   We hope  this walk will be a time to recognize those who have been  important – perhaps even in small ways;  a chance to acknowledge as well as reflect on the “gifts” received and to realize the opportunities in our own lives to pass these gifts on to others.

This is a simple but meaningful activity  to do for yourself as well as for the people you are recognizing.  The loop around Riverside Park is beautiful.  On a bright Saturday morning, with the Mississippi gleaming and others walking in gratitude with you, this is a “happening” not to be missed.

I encourage you to take the time. We know how busy people’s lives are so we have tried to make this opportunity as simple and stress free as possible.   I believe it will fill you with a sense of peace, thankfulness and joy.  Tell your friends, neighbors and family.  Walk together or come alone.  You can walk at any time between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m.  Come down after a stop at the Farmer’s Market or as a break from other Saturday morning outings and tasks.

All ages are welcomed.  Hope to see you there!   Any questions, give a call to Family Resources, at 608-784-8125.


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