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Less is more …two

I believe all of us need to be continually reminded that less is more.  Back in June, in one of my first posts, I encouraged parents to think twice about piling on too many places to go, too many activities in the same day, same week, too much to take in, too much to appreciate.

This weekend when I was out and about, the thought struck me.  Time for a reminder!  There were posters everywhere for events to take the children to enjoy.  And this is just the beginning of a season that starts with Halloween and continues through the spring.  One festive holiday after another.  But in today’s world – they are less separated and distinct.  Marketing the holiday early is the rule and so often, we barely finish digesting one big day before the next one leaps out at us from the aisles,  screaming for attention.

But right now – Autumn/Halloween is the season of the day.  It’s one of my favorites.  I love all of the outdoor experiences that are connected with Fall.  Pumpkin farms (choosing the perfect one,  carving a funny face),  picking apples (making apple sauce),  collecting leaves, acorns, chestnuts,  raking leaves (jumping in the pile),  watching the gray squirrels “frisk their bushy tails”.  And along with these invigorating activities are many Fall/Halloween events calling out to families to attend and enjoy.

Here’s where I suggest caution and judgment.  As tempting as every poster and advertisement looks,  telling us about the fun and excitement to be had,  as hard as it is to be pulled by well-intentioned friends and relatives to come join them –  as parents,  we need to keep one thing in mind.  You guessed it – less is more.

We need to avoid over-saturation that results in over-stimulated children,  tired children, whining and acting-out children and choose the event or two that this year will work the best for your children and your family,  for your time, your budget and your routine.  Children respond positively to simplicity – to the necessary “space” to integrate an experience into their life,  to extend it through picture books and pretend- play at home.

Children need time.  Trust them!  We don’t need to fill every waking hour with a new experience.  Let them digest a few and their memory and connection to the experience will be sharper,  stronger and more appreciated.

Halloween/Fall activities only start the ball rolling for the season ahead.  From now through spring, there is something to celebrate.  Use your judgment, choose wisely and in your family’s best interest – and then, simply,  enjoy!

And now – after all that – a reminder about Family Resources 3rd Annual Costume Swap.  It takes place on Saturday, October 10th from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.   Drop off a clean, gently used costume and all props and accessories attached, any day this week from 8:30 – 5:00 p.m.  You will receive a voucher to choose another costume at the Costume Swap.

There will be fun fall activities and crafts for the children and refreshments!  Attendance is free.

Family Resources strives to always offer activities and crafts that delight and engage the children.  We look forward to another fun day on Saturday, October 10th and also, to seeing you and your family if you choose Costume Swap as one of your family’s Fall activities this year!

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