Ready or not, I’m done

Hanging my family’s Christmas stockings recently, (never too old for a stocking) I took a careful look at my own.  A flood of memories rushed in as I recalled the year I made that stocking along with one for my husband and one-year-old daughter.  I was a young mother at the time, preparing to go to my in-laws to spend Christmas.  I wanted everything to be perfect.

Well, it would not be absolutely perfect.  I didn’t have enough time to finish my stocking (as well as probably several other unnecessary items I had on my list).  So I attached my name, on the front of that stocking, with straight pins.  And guess what?  Those pins are still there.  I’ve left them all these years for a very good reason – to remind me that at some point, you say that’s enough, that’s all the time there is.  Ready or not, I’m done!

So if you’re facing a check-off list of things still to accomplish, to bake, to knit, to sew, to clean, to buy, try this technique.  Start checking off what’s not going to happen this year.  Chances are you’ve probably overshot anyhow.  And you can bet your family would prefer your time and energy focused on them.

Instead, think of a few relaxing things to enjoy together that maybe didn’t make it on to your original “to do” list.  Have you walked in your neighborhood yet to see the decorations?  Sat together with just the tree lights on and soaked in the beauty and magic of it all?  Sat alone with just the tree lights on and soaked in the beauty and magic of it all?

Grab the basket of cards you’ve received and read them aloud to your children. Definitely quit saving those yummy cookies for company only and start enjoying them now.

Do it!  Cross out what isn’t essential for you and your family and spend some time considering what is, (maybe while soaking in the tub).  That should make everything pretty darn perfect.


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