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Perfection – a child’s way

On Friday at Play Shoppe, we painted.  I love the freedom painting offers children.  So simple!  Paper, paint, brushes, and time – to experiment and satisfy their individual creative urges.

Observing, we see some children choose to use only one color, glopping on the paint and dreamily smoothing it out across the paper.  Others use every color available to them, lost in  the pure thrill of swirling color upon color.

Then there are those children who forgo the brush altogether and readily get their hands right into the paint on their paper.  And still others who hold up their hand almost immediately to be wiped at the first spot of paint on a pinky.  In art, there is no one right way as any artist will tell you.

Art is most definitely a sensory experience of color, touch, blend, flow and design, satisfying the hands-on curiosity of children.  That’s why at Family Resources, we try so hard to offer creative activities that children can do independently.  When a model is offered, we want it to be only a suggestion of what could be done.

I love to have children be able to select just what they want to use from a variety of materials.  Whether it’s making a paper jack-o-lantern, a snowman, a collage, or a crown to wear, every piece will be different if we allow children the opportunity to make their artwork their own.

As parents, sometimes it’s hard to stand back and watch our child’s creative development unfold.  We want so badly to put those eyes where they’re supposed to be, add some more yarn for hair, a little less glitter and more detail.  But allowing our children this freedom of choice is essential in building not only their creativity but their confidence, competence and judgment that will carry over into other areas.

And to tell you the truth, those very art projects that represent their true stage of development will bring the most oohs and aahs as you pull them out years later and wistfully remember the pure simplicity of this time.

We don’t need to wait until children have grown up to appreciate their creations, however.  Framing art projects that our children have done will look absolutely charming gracing the walls of our home.  What better way to show our children their work is valued.

If you’re looking for ways to connect and introduce creative activities in your home, check out our” non-virtual” Live Chat Room – Tuesday, January 19th meeting at Family Resources from 6-7:30 p.m. This month we will be focusing on Creative Themes, finding out how easy and fun it is to simply build your family’s activities around a common theme, including ideas for art, foods, activities and reading.

Registration is necessary at 784-8125.    A number of limited childcare spots are available.  Call Fran if you have any questions.

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