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Love is in the air

I have always loved Valentines Day.  I think of it as another time to extend affection and caring to family and friends and to feel connected to others.

There are some simple, memorable ways to celebrate this “lovely” day in your home.  The fun begins with the preparation – gathering the supplies for valentine making.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.   Hearts can be cut out from construction paper, newspaper ( sports -page hearts are perfect for sports enthusiasts), funny pages, cereal boxes, cardboard, doilies, tissue paper, foil.  Dig out stickers, glue, glitter( if you’re brave), buttons, lace, tinsel – whatever sparkles and gleams.

Put the decorations all together in a big basket and let the kids choose what they want to use.  You will love the way these kid-made valentines burst with love and originality.  Guaranteed there will be no two alike!

One of my favorite ideas is a  valentine tree.  Going out to find the perfect branch can be a fun outing for your child.  Bringing a piece of nature indoors is always a special treat.   Look for one that has lots of places for the children to hang the hearts. Find a way to support the branch in a vase or jar, perhaps by stuffing  newspaper around it.  If you’re lucky enough to find a really tall limb, you might use your Christmas tree stand, also using some stuffing to hold it tall.

Cut out some  simple hearts with the names of family and friends, near and far, to remind your family that they belong to a circle of caring and connection.  If available, include pictures, especially of those far away.   Hole punch the hearts and hang with yarn from the branches.   Ask your child for names he or she wants to include.  You may be surprised.    Read the names on the tree often to your child.   Talk about how these special people play a role in your family.  Place the tree in a central, visible spot so it becomes a focus.  This tree may well become a requested tradition.   Watch the number of hearts on your tree grow as your circle widens over the years.

Pancakes, cookies, sandwiches, pizza in the shape of hearts all magically taste extra delicious.  Hiding hearts around the house is always exciting ( as is hiding almost anything around the house) and once all retrieved, you can bet the request will come to hide them again.

Anytime love is in the air, I say grab it.  Everyday we express our love by the things we do for our families, for each other.  But we don’t always take the time to say it.  Valentine’s Day is the perfect time.

I believe there’s no better season for Valentines Day to come than the middle of February when the winter may seem drab and endless.  You can count on the glitter and sparkle of a valentine given to someone you care about to warm and brighten the day and the corner where you are.

Happy Valentines Day, my friends.  Enjoy!

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