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I ‘ve always  tried to remember my own personal experiences as a parent and have true empathy for the many parents out there who are getting up at all hours, listening carefully for different sounds in the night,  keeping track of when the last “poop” was,  hoping they’re doing everything right, checking to see if their child is sleeping, only to peek in and up goes the head.

Yesterday, we brought our very “fetching” as my husband says (in more ways than one) 8-week- old puppy home.  She couldn’t be cuter, sweeter, more wanted … and we are definitely doing all of the above, as well as being reminded of and feeling the fatigue that all “new parents” feel.

So this weekend, the dust will remain where it is, the clutter picked up and quickly stuffed out of sight, meals kept simple, cat naps sneaked in, playtime – definitely.

Things will settle down, routines will get set and the dust and chores will be there waiting.  But now is the time to attend to our connections.

If this is the stage you’re at with your baby, or an older child or children who just need some extra attention at this very moment, I hope you will join me in a guilt-free, this-is-what-I-need-to-do-right-now- time, and enjoy it.

You won’t regret it!

P.S.  The new puppy’s name is Rosie.

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