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Turn off and Turn on

It’s that time of year again – when we consider life for a week without television.  Yep, it’s the 2010 National Turn Off the TV week, April 19th – April 25th.

Some families participate and end up loving their newfound time.   All of a sudden their life seems more peaceful and less controlled.   For others, it’s helpful  just in moderating the amount of  time their family spends watching TV.

Many different activities are usually offered in the community to fill the void during this week.    It might be fun to choose one or two.  But even more rewarding and far-reaching would be the ability to remain at home or outside in the neighborhood and have it be equally as fun. 

Here’s a list of suggestions to try with your children that might become all-time favorites.

* Make a stop at Goodwill or rummage sales for some dress-up clothes and props.  If you already have a few, add to the collection.  Include jewelry, handbags, scarves, backpacks, aprons.  A cape is easy to make.  Let these treasures be easily accessible to the children. 

*  Get out in the yard and wake up the garden.  Rake, hoe, pull up dried out stems.  Then give the kids a ride around the block in the wheelbarrow.

*  Plant some giant sunflower seeds in cups in the house.  Keep them watered and in the sun until it’s warm enough to plant them outside.  Sunflowers are by far the most awesome flower for children to watch grow, and grow, and grow!

*  Take advantage of a plain old rainy day – without severe storm advisories.  Don raincoats, boots and unbrellas and go on a puddle hunt. Splish, splosh!

*  Go to the library and get a load of books.  Lean them up along a wall with the covers out for enticement.  Include both fiction and nonfiction.

*While at the library, choose some books on CDs for the whole family to listen to.  You may all be hooked.

*  Go to a park that has grills and grill some hotdogs and marshmallows – spur of the moment, no fuss, no muss.

*  Remember that Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  Start ahead to make some cards for the special women in your family and friends circle.  Markers, crayons, paper, glue, scissors, ribbons, stickers, glitter? (if you’re brave) will do the job nicely.

*  Fill a clear plastic container with rice.  Add some kitchen utensils like measuring cups and spoons and watch your child be engaged.

*  Make playdough with the children and then enjoy playing with it together.  There’s nothing like warm, homemade playdough to calm and relax.

*  Sort and reorganize your child’s toys.  All of a sudden, you’ll be surprised when he/she will find new interest in old forgotten favorites.

*  Put on music and dance.  Put on marches and march.

*  Isolate a toy in a place your child will not expect to see it. It will suddenly appear very interesting.

*  Hide the plastic eggs out in the yard again, just for fun.  Have one egg have a message that hints at where a special treat may be hidden.

*  Make paper airplanes.

*  Enjoy the windy days and fly a kite together.

*  A mom just told me they are enjoying telling their happy moment and sad moment of the day with each other.  She’s felt its success in listening, in caring and in sharing each others’ highs and lows. Try it.

*  Be bored.  Wonder what to do.  Don’t try to fix it.  Just see what happens.

*  Creativity springs from boredom.  Trust it!

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