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Earth day, any day

Forty years ago, my husband and I pushed our 5-month-old daughter in “old blue buggy” in the first ever Earth Day in New York City.  I was reminded of this milestone event this week as people once again recognized and celebrated the need to preserve nature and our environment.

Today walking in the marsh at Myrick Park, we felt the beauty and power of Mother Nature.  The wind howled through the trees, the branches dipped and swayed.  Every piece of tall grass and weeds danced wildly with the gusts.  The water, always taking on different hues depending on when you are there, today appeared black and cold, the ripples lapping up onto the banks.

It was wonderful, wild and exhilarating.

The marsh is fortunately filled with families, bikers, dog walkers on every sunshiny day in Spring which is great.  But today – today was a special spectacular show of uninhibited nature worth experiencing.

In our over-scheduled, busy, orderly, check-list lives, a romp on the wild side fills one with a sense of adventure, of freedom, of fearlessness.  Passing only a few hardy souls allowed us, for a brief time, to imagine being  farther back in time and place than where we actually were – the middle of La Crosse in 2010.

One of my favorite books over the years is The Sense of Wonder by Rachel Carson.  Carson offers a convincing plea to parents and teachers to share the mysteries of the natural world, not only from books or videos, but from putting ourselves out there in all kinds of weather – experiencing dawns and sunsets and soaking up the varied images that nature supplies.

Carson suggests to “take time to listen and talk about the voices of the earth and what they mean – the majestic voice of thunder, the winds, the sound of surf or flowing streams”.

This was the call of the marsh today and it is the call to all who want our children to continue to care about the earth – to allow them to feel its beauty and magic, so they will know for certain, not only in their minds but passionately in their hearts and their souls,  the reasons they are recycling and going green.

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