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There will be Time

Today is Mother’s Day – a day rightly set apart to recognize the love and caring that mothers give to us throughout their lives. Mothers come in all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds. There are mothers who are childless because they made the difficult decision to give their baby a better life through adoption, there are mothers grief-stricken from losing a child, there are mothers in crisis, mothers in bliss, mothers,all, with the one thought of protecting, caring and doing their very best for their child.

So to every mother out there, to those mothers who have passed on and still remain in our hearts, to those mothers yet to be, I offer sincere, heartfelt recognition with appreciation for your strenth, love and support.

And to the moms who are in the throes of raising young children right now, I share this poem and the assurance that there will be time.

Happy Mother’s Day!


There is time still
for sitting in cafes
in Paris
sipping wine.
Time still
for going to meet
the guru.
There is time still.
Now I am caring for eternity.
Carrying bodies soft with sleep
to beds of quilted
cars and trucks and pillows.
Answering cries deep out of
nighttime fears.
Tying shoes.
Opening doors.
My soul now is dwelling in
the house of tomorrow.
Tomorrow there will be time
for long leisurely conversations,
For canvases to paint
And pots to turn.
Time still.
So I surrender now
to them and this,
Knowing it is they
who will teach me
how to do it all.

Author unknown

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