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Just like Dad

Today is Father’s Day which started me thinking about what it means to be a dad – as well as to take the opportunity to wish every single dad out there sincere good wishes for a great day. 

I love watching little boys when they are playing in the “housekeeping corner” in Family Resources’ playroom.  They’re fixing dinner, pushing the dolly in the stroller, gently putting the “baby” to bed as if they’ve done it a hundred times. 

However, sometimes a dad will express to me his discomfort in watching his little boy play in this manner, worried that he will be considered a sissy by other boys.  I like to then ask the dad, do you carry your son, help him get dressed, put him to bed, snuggle with him?

“Of course” is usually the response.

Then your child is imitating you – pretending he is a dad, practicing for the day he will be a dad.  What a lucky guy to have a committed and loving dad to model.

For that’s what it takes.  Fatherhood allows boys to observe, reflect and learn how to be caring, responsible and tender dads themselves one day.

An awesome job! 

 Embrace it, value it, join in the next time your little boy is playing “house”. As a dad,  be prepared, you may even catch a glimpse of the way your son sees you. 


(William’s Doll by Charlotte Zolotow is an oldie but goodie children’s book you might like to read to your child, which addresses this issue in a warm and cozy way.}

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