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Cherish the humming

This past week I went to a funeral of a beautiful seven-year-old little girl. 

As I listened to the stories shared about Kaliya, I was struck by the realization that so many of the charming memories about Kaliya , the things that made her special and would be forever missed, were  the very things that often made her parents’ lives challenging, calling for great patience. 

 Kaliya was known for her forever habit of humming, of  non-stop motion, of climbing  too high and exploring too far, snooping out cookies and candy wherever they might be, for her drama, her persistance, her larger- than- life spirit.

I couldn’t help but sit there, weep, and think.  So my message today is short. 

 Cherish the uniqueness of your little ones, cherish the fragile, cranky side, the mischieveousness, the rage of a tantrum as well as the delight of a hug, the repetition of a made-up joke, the continual questions, the uncontrolled screeching,an “inherited” stubborness, a determined “no”, the chatter, the wiggling, perhaps even the constant humming.

Take a quiet moment – often – and reflect with gratitude and new appreciation, on the quirks and behaviors, the essence of whoever your child is.

  And be glad.

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