Building on our strengths

Building on our strengths – that’s what really helps all of us as we manuever through life – whether beginning pre-school, entering middle school, leaving for college, becoming a parent, starting a career, raising a family.

It’s the key – to recognize what it is we are doing well, and do more of it. 

Sometimes as parents, we may feel we are in a losing battle.  Perhaps no one seems to listen,  we find ourselves yelling more, the kids are arguing, tattling, picking on one another.

Then one day, everything seems to go just right.  It may not even be the whole day – perhaps just a morning or the period before bed.  But when it happens, you know it, you can feel it, you can almost touch it.

Those are the times to focus on, to think about, to ask what happened then?  What was it about that particular exchange that helped things go more smoothly?  Or was it that we just remembered to look, to feel and to appreciate.

Recognize these positive moments and savor them, add to them, know that this is what you and your family are really about.

Concentrating on the affirmatives in our families and believing in these strengths is more difficult than one would think and requires a deliberate effort on our part.  When practiced regularly, it fills us with motivation and deeper appreciation of who we are and what we stand for. 

The benefit of nurturing this positive testimony is watching this strong connection spread to the  hearts and minds of our children.

Building on our strengths – it’s a tool that we can all use, a way to live, a way to teach, a recognition and celebration of our own successes.

If anyone is struggling to find the positives in their parenting, and would like someone to help them recognize their strengths, give me a call at Family Resources, 784-8125 and we can discover them together.

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