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Tell me about it

I believe all of us have stories to tell. 

This was never more apparent to me than when I participated in a Write Your Life class several years ago.

There was a wide mix of individuals in the class – both age-wise and backgrounds.  We would choose a simple memory to write about – a season, an important person in our life, holidays, siblings, a scary moment, a sad occasion; mostly ordinary things that became extraordinary as they were told aloud.

I was always amazed at the variety of experiences, the power of sharing them, the humor, the emotion, the depth that offered me insight to people I barely knew. One was never bored during sharing time.  The stories came from the heart and everyone in the room felt them.

That’s why I encourage all of you, as parents, to tell your children your stories. 

 Did you have a favorite stuffy?  What was his name?  What did you do with him?  What happened to him?

“You didn’t like to drink your milk either?  Tell me about it.”

“Tell me the story about what happened when you threw your sister’s doll on the sidewalk and cracked its face.”

Could it be any easier? 

The stories you can tell are endless.  They are just waiting to be summoned – at any time, any place .

They can help fix upsets, understand jealousy, lighten a moment, smooth hurt feelings, interpret his fears, help her to be courageous, know that he is okay.

They’re not preachy or moralistic.  They just are – that’s what makes them so special, so tangible. The person hearing the story uses it the way she needs to. 

They’re a window into the life of an all-powerful parent – that remains open –  connecting, sharing, laughing, learning.

Experiences and wisdom shared, unaware. 

Try it!


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