A pair of snowpants

A mom told me the other day, “This winter, I’m getting myself a pair of snowpants so I can be warm and comfortable when I play outside with the children”.


This comment came while we were talking about how important it is to dress kids warmly for the cold.  I had chimed in it was just as important for the adults. In order to have good outdoor experiences when it’s cold, adults as well as children need to be dressed appropriately.  That means layers, (dress like an onion), warm jackets that zip tight shut, sleeves that cover the wrists, snow pants, warm boots, cozy hats.

I know.  Parents groan just thinking about this chore.  I remind them, however, the time spent in getting ready will double the time and the pleasure of time spent outside – for everyone.

I find it is often the parents who do not want to bundle up to go outside.  So many of us get used to dashing to the car with just a lightweight jacket, no hat, (I even see flip flops!).  Not a good example – or a good way to adjust to the cool temperatures.

This is the perfect time of year when we come face to face with how we’ll treat the rest of the winter.  The days are cold but nothing compared to what there is to come.  November offers us the opportunity to slide into winter, to adapt to the brisk air, to experience the refreshed and relaxed feeling one gets when coming in from the cold to a warm and cozy place.

And then to be prepared and ready for more.

But why you might ask do we need to expose ourselves to this cold  torture?  Because playing outside, in all kinds of weather, not only builds healthy bodies but also healthy brains. 

When I was a young mom, the joke with my sisters (also young moms) and I was about our mother who was always reminding (and sometimes scolding), “Put a hat on that baby”.  Children need a hat on to play outside.”  Now the joke is on us as we have turned into our mom and believe the same –  wearing a warm hat makes a difference.

So… recognizing the benefits of spending time outside, being intentional about making it happen, getting into the routine of dressing warmly and appropriately, being positive in our comments about winter, embracing the cold air…

…  maybe even getting yourself a pair of snowpants this winter –

Now, that’s hot!

If you would like to spend some fun time outside with your family, come down to Riverside Park on Sunday, ( dressed warmly), November 21st at 3:30 p.m.  We’ll be decorating the Family Resources holiday tree for Rotary Lights. 

 Also if you would like to walk in the Rotary Lights parade, Friday, November 26th with our Family Resources group, give me a call at 784-8125.  The parade begins at 5:00 p.m  We will be lining up at 4:30 p.m.  

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