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A mother’s intuition

Mother’s intuition – that’s what Autumn Grooms cites in her last column for the La Crosse Tribune on Friday.

Autumn has been a La Crosse Tribune reporter for eleven years, a very good friend to Family Resources and someone who has become special to me.

Autumn has covered many stories about Family Resources including being the reporter to come and inform me of my selection to be the 2009 Tribune Person of the Year.  Autumn’s total delight and emotion in delivering this news to me, mixed with mine, is something I will always remember.

But I also know Autumn as a mom and it was as a mom that she made her decision to leave the Tribune staff and work less hours in order to spend more time with her young son.

“Sometimes you just know – even though it’s hard”, Autumn says of her decision.  I agree.  According to Webster’s dictionary, intuition is the ability to perceive or know things without conscious reasoning – an immediate understanding.

As mothers, how many times can we remember just knowing, intrinsically, what needed to be done – and feeling absolutely satisfied it was the right thing to do.

For Autumn it was the realization that she needed more time with her son.  For another mom I know, it was the decision to go back to work  to find the individual space she needed in order for her to be the good mom she wanted to be for her daughter.

A mother’s intuition is always in play – silently observing within our hearts. It’s how we know when enough is enough – when it’s time to slow down for a particular child, when you just know, before anyone else realizes it that this child needs to see the doctor, when the decison that your child will flourish in a certain school feels right even though your friends’ children are all going to a different school. 

 It’s when you  know that today your child doesn’t need a time-out but instead a quiet time with you, when admitting that practicing for the marathon right now in your life is taking too much  away from the family and adding more stress, it’s recognizing the needs of the moment – and feeling the certainty and peace that comes with that.

Often when a mom comes to talk to me or calls me on the phone about a situation that is troubling her, I can tell when it’s a mother’s intuition at work – when she already knows the answer – in her heart – and just needs to embrace it.

So pay attention to those gut feelings that gnaw at you – they’re important messages, a mother’s intuition.

Listen to them.

 Trust them. 

Trust yourselves.

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