A gift

Family Resources’ Parent Advisory Committee decided to keep it simple this year for our part in the Rotary Lights Parade. 

 Four pieces of sparkly blue material, approximately 20 feet long, with hand holds tied on for walkers to hang on to, did the job.  A lighted banner, announcing our group, led the way.

The temperature was cold, the wind a bit nippy, but there was a huge sense of warmth, connection and commaraderie within our ranks. It seemed the perfect way to spend the day after Thanksgiving for it was all about sharing our time, our energy, our fellowship with so many.

Walking along with these Family Resources families – babies in strollers, babies being worn, wagons full of little children conscientiously waving to the crowd, older ones hanging on and walking near Mom or Dad, two little girls chanting, and enchanting the crowd as they sang out, “1-2-3  Happy Holidays”-  it was priceless!

The parade went quickly.  As we entered the park, the families, with children tired and cold, dispersed into the brightly lit park.  I didn’t get a chance to tell everyone how important their participation was – how by sharing this event with their families, coming together with other families, the strength, the beauty, the significance of all families was represented so powerfully.

Black Friday is a day so many shop till they drop looking for just the right gift.  So I hope these parents are aware of the real gift they’ve offered to their young children this night.  It could be witnessed by the shining eyes and awestruck expressions on their faces, and I believe it will be a memory of something  bright and special that will linger in their hearts forever.

A great way to start the holiday season.

Thank you!

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