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It’s still winter

It snowed today and several inches of the white powdery stuff accumulated before the weekend.  Winter’s definitely not over yet.

So…here’s a few suggestions to make it fun – to make some memories – to make the best of it.

*  What?  You haven’t been sledding yet?  Let’s change that by choosing a small hill to sled down.  This encourages more independence, more running up and down, more exercise yet speedy enough for little ones to have fun. Invite a friend or two to join you.

*  Snow babies.  Make a tiny snowman, three snowballs melded together.  Wrap in a small blanket for your child to care for.  They are so sweet.

*  Snowballs in the freezer?  Yes!  Make up a few dozen nice round snowballs and put them in the freeezer.  On the hottest day of summer, bring them out and surprise everyone.  Cool!

*  Dress up warmly and go outside someplace safe in search of a huge snow pile created by the snow plows.  They’re everywhere and kids and adults of all ages will have a great time climbing them, slipping, sliding and finally succeeding to the top.  Kings and queens of the mountain!

*  If you have a young baby at home making it difficult to get the older children out, bring the snow in the house.    Fill a roasting pan or tub with snow, lay a few towels on the floor, don some mittens and offer some kitchen spoons and utensils.  The kids will love playing with snow inside.

*  Don’t forget the birds.  Use a valentine cookie cutter to cut hearts from slices of bread. The children will enjoy helping with this.  Poke a hole at the top for hanging, using a straw.  Then leave the bread hearts uncovered to harden.  Thread some string or ribbon through the hole.  Choose a spot to hang these for the birds (and probably squirrels)  in your neighborhood. Have fun watching.

*  Sooner or later the January thaw will arrive, even if it doesn’t show up until late February.  When it comes, get out and let the kids enjoy the melting snow, the little streams it makes, the puddles, the splashing.  Be prepared for wet and sloshy snowsuits but happy, tired kids.

*  A great tip from a veteran childcare provider for saving time and patience once you get outside and your little one “has to go” is to put the bib snowpants right up over the jacket.  It works great and eliminates completely undressing.

*  Enjoy watching the sun set later every day, the colors in the sky at that time and the different light, all announcing that spring is definitely on its way.

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