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A special dad

It’s easy to become a father – but it takes hard work and intentional commitment to become a dad.  This past week, a very special dad, Don La Coss, died unexpectedly.

It’s hard to think of a young boy growing up without his dad – a dad who was hands on in the most significant ways – just “being” together, sharing insights, having conversations, discussing, explaining, asking questions, laughing, learning from one another, enjoying interests, exploring ideas and adventures, setting limits, having fun.

But that’s the way it was for this dad/son team.

Much has already been written about Don’s excellence and brilliance in the university classroom, in his extensive research and his amazing intellect.

But I want to acknowledge and celebrate Don as the special dad he was – and the caring friend, to me personally and to many Family Resources parents and staff.

One of my favorite memories of Don at Play Shoppe was on one of our winter outdoor adventures – sledding, on a very slick hill.  No matter how we tried to position the sleds, they ended up heading straight for several trees at the bottom.  Don volunteered to be the “protector” as he saved the day by darting from one sled to another catching the children before impact.  No easy feat!

I know his son Benjamin’s six and a half years have already been packed with gifts galore from his Dad.  And I know these treasures will remain a part of him as a source of comfort, joy and encouragement as the years go on.

But he will be sorely missed.

Our hearts go out to Susan and Benjamin.

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