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Family Resources is a place for all who care for children.  Our programs educate, strengthen, and support parents and caregivers by creating a greater understanding of the impact they have on the lives of children in their care.  Through increased education and parental growth, children will have a positive, supportive and loving start in life. Family Resources Mission Statement.

Family Resources’ name will soon change but not our mission which was written twenty years ago.  Has it been altered here and there, a phrase added, a word changed, updated?  Yes, but the original essence is still firm and a means to guide what we do at Family Resources.

The same benefits can ring true in any family no matter what the make-up. Usually, whether formally stated or not, every family has their own way of doing things, believing in things, valuing things.

What makes a family mission statement so significant is to be able to put these priorities and intentions into words that can be read and re-read, internalized, questioned, and sometimes revised to reflect the changes as your family grows and evolves.

When today’s whirlwind of options and choices, both positive and negative,  face your consideration as a family, your family mission statement is a way to guide your decisions.

A family mission statement offers children the basis behind the decisions that are made in their family along with a definite sense of assurance. It helps them appreciate the validity of their family’s principles and purpose and to understand and be an active participant in building them.

I talked to a mom yesterday who has been to a few  workshops on creating family mission statements and thought seriously about creating a mission statement but hadn’t acted upon it yet.  I know this family definitely lives a very purposeful family life and now that the children are growing older and maturing, this parent is increasingly interested in creating a family mission statement with them in a more formal and participatory way.

Sharing a family mission statement is a tool that will assist you throughout your relationship, as a couple first and throughout the challenging stages of parenthood.

It will embody what it is that makes your family work while building pride and respect in all family members.

The parent I spoke about above is signed up to attend this opportunity below.  I definitely recommend it!

If you are interested in attending a workshop about creating a family mission statement for your family, Family Resources is offering Create Your Family Values and Mission Statement on Thursday, April 14th, from 9:30 – 11:00 a.m.  Presenter Stacy Shapiro will help you explore what is important to you and your family and learn key strategies to help you create your own Family Values and Mission Statement.

Registration is required. Call Family Resources, 608-784-8125 to register.  Limited childcare is available.

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