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Frolicking – to play or romp about in a happy, carefree way.

It’s springtime. The sun feels warm, the breezes sweet and I strongly recall the distinct sensation of when I was young and  how much fun it was to run so fast, skip so high and feel free as a bird in the wide outdoors.

At the Family Resources’ Bunny Hop and Egg Roll on Saturday, it was a joy to watch many of the children doing  just that.  My co-worker and I remarked to each other that perhaps this is all the children needed – a place to gather and to run – no need for planned activities, even such fun ones as the egg roll and hunt.

For the hill beckoned to them and belonged to them as they rolled pell mell down, as they chased each other shouting excitedly, and ran for the pure joy of running.

There’s a big national campaign on now to get our kids moving.  It’s hard to believe that we are at this point when we need to be reminded and that our children need a curriculum to be reminded of this natural desire to be active.  So it made my heart glad to see children who, all on their own, still remembered how to run and roll and invent their own active games.

Later that evening we were strolling along the river’s edge at Riverside Park and came upon a young family with three young children.  Dad was setting up the picnic supper while Mom kept a cautious but happy eye on the children,who were absolutely frolicking on the grassy bank.

We stopped and commented to this young couple what a good idea.  The dad agreed it was better to forego the crowded restaurants where everyone’s patience is tested, forget another inside evening watching videos and to be outdoors where the children can run and play and use their outdoor voices.

There’s something very relaxing, refreshing and restorative when we are out playing and watching our children doing what should come very naturally to them – moving.

So let’s find the time for frolicking.

Enjoy the moment.

It’s spring in motion!

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