Very lucky

Of course I knew it could happen.  But we’d been  lucky so far – and what a good time these two dogs have together, running and wrestling and climbing on each other. Two true-blue canine friends.

So Friday night, we again relented and took the leash off our Tootsie so she could run and play in our unfenced yard with her good friend, Maggie the boxer.

And run they did – collapsing on the ground, side by side, tongues hanging.

But then the motorcycle sped by, and Tootsie took off after it.  Unfortunately, following closely behind the motorcycle was a pick-up truck –  both vehicles going fast.

Tootsie was right behind the motorcycle as the truck beared down on her.  Using her quick actions, we believe she turned on her side and went down as the pick- up truck went over her.  At that instant, I was sure it was the end for Tootsie, only to see this plucky dog come running full speed home.

Yes, she was a bit bloody from road burns and quite a bit traumatized.  But she was safe – and we are more than grateful and feel extremely fortunate that we will be given another chance to not take any chances.

As parents, however, how often do we take those chances – whether we’re in a hurry, a weak moment, an”oh, it will be fine” moment, an angry, impatient moment, a stressed moment, a forgetful moment.

Accidents do happen, and they happen so quickly, usually innocently yet always at a price.  Summer is a prime time for accidents to occur.  We are more active – biking, boating, swimming, camping, hiking, yard work – all absolutely wonderfully fun activities that just need extra- close monitoring.

However, try not to sweat the small stuff.  A few skinned knees, some bug bites, a tummy ache from too many campfire s’mores, all speak to being allowed to fully enjoy the experience.

  This week, Tuesday, June 21st, is the first day of summer.  May you all enjoy an amazing one – fun, healthy, and accident-free.


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