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the needs of the moment

It’s just hit me – Parent Pulse has passed its two-year anniversary date.

What is thrilling me personally, however, is that I have not missed a week of posting – until ,of course , I did – this past week when the needs of the moment took precedent.

As parents we are continually faced with the needs of the moment when we face making a decision between what’s possible and often most desirable and what just needs to be done.

With small children, the needs may seem small but they can make or break the harmony in your family.

In a particularly busy Play Shoppe recently, a little guy of about two- and-a- half had spent the morning busily engaged, made it through circle time fine but when he was invited to join the “maddening crowd” for snack, he froze.  Encouragement was tried, he even did sit down but the look on his face showed a meltdown rapidly approaching. 

 I beckoned to his mom to bring his juice and snack and led him to a “table for one” in the pretend kitchen area.  That’s all it took – he visably relaxed, enjoyed the peace and quiet along with his snack and was able to finish the morning as it had begun – happily. 

 A small adjustment – meeting the needs of the moment.

Another Friday, I talked to a little girl out in the hallway as Play Shoppe was going on in the Playroom.  She said she was waiting for her mom, they were going to leave Play Shoppe early and they were going to go to the park. 
“I’m feeling a little overwhelmed”, this four-year-old shared with me. 

 She was right – and her mom knew the clues, and was meeting the needs of the moment.

A few weeks ago as we walked Tootsie in the neighborhood, we talked with a mom we met along the way about the long stretch of stormy days and how difficult that can be on young children and parents cooped up inside. 

 This mom was just glowing, however, as she shared that the day before she and her two children were all set to finally go out to play when a sudden heavy down-pour began – no thunder, lightening – just a straight, warm, continuous shower.  They stood in the garage, watching, disappointed, when she realized what was needed.

  She told the children to go ahead, go get wet.  And as she watched them romping and laughing, the realization hit her – the even more important need of the moment was for her to join them – for them to see her laughing, enjoying and sharing with them in this moment. 

 The children were elated with this new development.   They proceeded to walk around the neighborhood, splashing in every puddle, getting completely soaked in the warm rain.

 Mom was still relishing the memory as she spoke to us days later.

 Joining in – a spontaneous moment of joy felt and recognized by all – meeting the needs of the moment.

Whatever the circumstances, addressing the needs of the moment pays off.  It may not be what was planned, but it is sometimes all you can do.

  Accept these needs- appreciate them – give yourself credit for recognizing them – the needs of the moment make life interesting.

So now we begin our third year together at Parent Pulse.  I look forward to sharing it with you.

Happy Anniversary to us!

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