wedding bells

Riding through Riverside Park one evening a few days ago, I noticed a mom walking along holding up the two chubby arms of her probably almost one-year-old  blond-haired boy as he gleefully tottered along. 

I was struck by the flashback I had of being that mom and doing the very same thing, just a minute ago, with our little boy and how quickly those years pass by.

It was particularly poignant, I think, as we prepare to leave this week for our son’s wedding out East.

As many times as we are told  how quickly our children grow up, we don’t always believe it.  I saw a mom today in a store whose little girl was having a loud melt-down.  At those times, parenting can seem endless.

But grow up they do.  And appreciating each stage that arrives is a treasure we don’t want to miss.

I love the Subaru ad on TV that shows a caring dad looking in the window at his little 4-year-old daughter sitting at the wheel while he gives her several last minute instructions.  She finally says “Daddy, okaaay!”  The next shot shows the real driver, a beautiful young girl of sixteen saying, “Thanks, Dad” as she waves and drives off.  I get teary-eyed whenever I see that well-done,loving portrayal of the parent/child relationship

There’s much to look forward to as we see our children grow up and mature – the choices they make, the direction they take.  It is a culmination of hours and days, months and years of attentive input and measured degrees of separation.

So I look forward to this next chapter with as much zest as I enjoyed all the past ones.  Although, I’m pretty sure my mind might wander back to the little toddler he was as I watch him walk down the aisle.

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