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Listen to the bells

A mom I know shared this story about her 8-year-old son who was spending the night at his grandma’s. 

Early on Sunday morning, the two of them got up and went outside on the deck overlooking the lake to listen to the church bells ring.  The grandma told mom later that her grandson stood there next to her, with his arm around her waist and he said, ” Grandma, you got the bells, you got the lake, you got the grandson – you got the life!

Out of the mouths of young children we often hear what’s essential in our own lives – that we might overlook – our clue, however, to listen up.

As nightfall settles in earlier now, Thanksgiving around the corner, let’s take some moments to offer to our families, to ourselves, what this young boy felt – a closeness, a sense of belonging, simplicity and the time to appreciate it with a special person.

And as the gift giving holidays approach, consider this.  Children are more in need of our presence  than our presents.

When making your holiday list of things to do this year, think hard about shared things to do together.  Think uncomplicated, think connection, think presence . 

 Think about making the ordinary extraordinary. Something as pure and simple as listening to the bells, looking at the lake, and feeling the closeness of someone you love.

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