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look for the rainbows

The winter solstice is the shortest, darkest day of the year.  This year on that day, a co-worker gave me a special gift to “light my year” – a glass crystal pendant that had previously been a part of an antique chandelier.  When hung in my dining room window, it spreads the sunlight into all the colors of the rainbow.

My husband and I have been enjoying finding where the rainbows appear.  Yesterday we found three of them at the same time.  Just walking through the room, you would miss them, as they’re small.  But stopping for a moment – to notice – is a joyful discovery.

I realized, in some small way, having this sparkling pendent really could light my year.  If every day I would pause and appreciate “finding the rainbow” in whatever form it takes in my daily life.

I heard from a parent recently who was searching for more in her life besides just being a mom.  With three busy children, under three, she felt she had lost her self.  I thought of her today and wondered if recognizing some of the moments in her day – some of the rainbows – would help her to appreciate the significance of her role as a mother.

Children under three are not convenient.  I remember that line written from a mom who was responding to a parenting forum I was reading, and I like it.  Because how true is that!

Webster defines convenient as easy to do, use or get to; causing little trouble or work.

So no, following Webster’s definition, children under three are definitely not convenient.  But there are plenty of little  rainbows dancing around if we stop to look for them – from sticky, chubby  hands to tear-stained eyes from an “ouchy”, out-stretched arms to their most important person, giggles, funny remarks, wobbly first steps, a hug around the neck, a snuggle in your lap, trust in their faces.

I hope as parents you will stop in your busy day, notice your rainbows, and marvel.  Children grow up faster than you think – and then many things will be convenient.

Celebrate the inconveniences now.  Look for the rainbows.

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