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Big ears

One afternoon I was talking with a parent who stopped by The Parenting Place with a mutual friend I had not seen in some time.  As we visited and talked, 5-year-old Laura was sprawled on the rug a few feet away, thoughtfully putting together a puzzle.

Laura’s mom is an animated, fast talker and in the midst of a somewhat convoluted story, she stopped herself and said, “or did I say that already?” to which little Miss Laura, considered not to be part of the conversation in any way, piped up and said, without so much as a turn of her head, “yes”.

What a perfect example of children’s big ears.

I remember so many occasions when my husband and I would be talking quietly together in the living room while our young son was upstairs in bed.  Always taking us by surprise,  a voice would suddenly float down from on high- an eight-year-old adding his personal input to the topic at hand.

Big ears.

Recently a mom was telling me about her young son who sat lost in concentration building his legoes.  A sad movie was on quietly in the background that she was not paying much attention to and believed her son was not either. Suddenly he got up and said he needed to go to the bathroom.  When he came back, he resumed his legoes briefly before bursting into tears and announcing his chest hurt.

It was as his mom comforted him that she realized his chest hurt him because he was so full of emotion for the girl in the movie – so affected by what he had heard.

Wow – big ears.

So … just a reminder – our children have “big ears” and they are paying attention and definitely listening to what’s going on around them.

What is your child hearing?

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