Good enough

Parenting is as difficult as it is absolutely wonderful.  It demands much time, sacrifice, worry, energy, knowledge, and commitment. Yet I don’t believe I’ve ever met a parent that says it’s not worth it.

I do often talk with parents, however, who doubt themselves and their abilities. They worry about not being the perfect parent. But perfection is not what parenting is all about.

Try good enough.

Being a good enough parent for your child – your family – leaves you room to be human – to be real – to trust yourself – to ask for help – to feel frustration – to improve – to apologize – to wake up every day, face new challenges, make decisions, be inspired, and share your love, patience and understanding.

I have a favorite poem that I love and think is a perfect time to share it.

Be Like The Bird by Victor Hugo

Be like the bird, who

Halting in his flight

On limb too slight

Feels it give way beneath him,

Yet sings

Knowing he hath wings.

As parents, I encourage you to be like the bird.

Rely on the knowledge that you have resources and support and that you come to parenting from a place of love for your children.

You might not be perfect, but you’re good enough!

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