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Spring ahead

March is here, the clocks have sprung ahead, daylight is extended and soon it will be Spring.  This is definitely the time of year to get outside and enjoy.  The season welcomes you.  Here are some things you and your family might like to do in March.

Go for a walk and watch for the first robin of the season.

Put on rain boots and find some puddles to splash in.

Put on old boots and find some mud.

Fly a kite or run along holding streamers in each hand.

Look to discover the first crocus of the year.

Put some dryer lint, ribbon, raffia in a mesh bag and hang on a tree for the birds to build their nests.

Look for worms after the rain.

Plan your summer garden.

Set up a discovery table or basket to hold the things you find on your walk – pieces of bark, a stone, pine cones, moss.

Bring a branch of a flowering bush in now and put in water to watch it bloom early.

Find a large branch to hang colored eggs.

Go to the Playground.

Bring out the chalk .  Offer a container of water to dip the chalk in for very vibrant colors.

Line a basket with plastic, add dirt and grass seeds and watch it grow.  Perfect place to put your colored eggs.

Go for a walk in the marsh, or in the woods, or along the river.

Go slowly.  Let your children lead the way.

Soak in the beauty of the season.   This kind of appreciation for simple beautiful things is contagious.  Share it with your children.


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