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Just for fun

Just for fun, I thought.  That’s what it should be – just for fun and… I believe it worked.

Let the children find eggs – not for how much candy or treats are inside, or until one reaches the designated limit – but just for the fun of busily running around, amongst the abundantly dispersed eggs and totally enjoying the moment – in their own way.

That’s what happened at The Parenting Place’s Bunny Hop and Egg Roll on Saturday. I believe children innately appreciate open-ended opportunities when they meet them and these children did not disappoint me.  I wanted to provide this kind of experience for them, where children, on their own, could choose how many colorful eggs they would pick up, when they would pick them up, maybe roll a few down the slide or the hill, decide, as one child did, to only look for yellow ones, or, as several children were doing, gleefully hiding the found ones to be re -found again.

Did I mention the eggs were empty?

When we, as adults, can refrain from controlling the ways some things need to be done and instead watch the freedom of creativity and joy burst forth, then our children and perhaps even ourselves will experience the pleasure of being totally absorbed in the moment.

Thanks to all who so playfully participated in the moments spent at our Bunny Hop and Egg Roll.

Just for fun.

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