Mother’s Day 2012

Yesterday at a garage sale I met up with a family I know.  They were biking and the young daughter, Beatrice, was carrying with her a small, loved, rubber dolly which I admired.  She immediately took me to the bike trailer to show me that her dolly had a “helmet” too.  It was the top of a plastic egg that fit just perfectly on Dolly’s head.

I smiled to myself as I went on my way.  Playful, imaginative children coming up with their own original ideas – I love it!

But as the day progressed and I began to think ahead to Mother’s Day, I thought back to Beatrice, already caring for her baby – already being a mom who knows to make sure her “child” would be safe.

We start early watching, practicing, playing at being moms.  Even our sons learn much from us about being a mom.

I read a piece today in the New York Times by op-ed columnist, Frank Bruni.  His mom had passed away when he was 33 years old and he still experiences a void on this special day of commemorating mothers.

So, this year he wrote this testimonial to her.

“I was – I am – one of the four luckiest children I know, my siblings being the other three.  We had  a mother who held us in esteem and held us to account; told us we were magnificent and told us we were miserable; exhorted us to please her but found ways to forgive us when, all too frequently, we didn’t; and made certain that we knew she was there for us until, unimaginably, she wasn’t.”

I’m glad I was lucky enough to experience two Mother’s Day testimonies this year – a grown man’s loving memory and a little girl’s active play, imitating the gentle care she is receiving from her own mom.

So with a full heart, gratitude and love for my own mom, passed on but never forgotten, for the privilege of being a mom to our two children, and the good fortune to work with so many moms everyday,  I hope your Mother’s Day reflected all the love you share.

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