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Happy Birthday …to me

There were no big plans – no should I or shouldn’t I – no official announcement – no message on Facebook.  But all of a sudden on Thursday afternoon, I decided.  I’m giving myself a birthday party.

And that’s what we did at Play Shoppe the very next morning.

With streamers hanging, pretend cakes  decorated by the children with colorful shaving cream “frosting”, glitter and other pretty things; a surprise present for all; a fun game of “someone stole your birthday cupcake” as we tried to guess who (not very hard with young children who willingly fess up); yummy cupcakes to eat, and a lovely chorus of voices singing Happy Birthday – it was definitely a party!

It was a most perfect celebration, I thought.

Sometimes spontaneity is what’s called for.  Unlike Eyore, I wasn’t worried about people forgetting my birthday or just ignoring it altogether and letting it pass unnoticed.  But the anticipation of young children to see what’s in a velvet box with a velvet bow on top can’t be matched – even if inside was simply birthday blow-outs for all.

Moments of spontaneity can create memories that last a lifetime.  I know a grandma who’s setting out with her 11-year-old grandson as soon as school is out, on a road trip out west.  Asked what their itinerary was, the answer – “whatever we feel like doing.  We’ll stop when we see something we want to do”.  Wow!  what a forever- bonding experience that trip will be, and I wager several moments of spontaneity thrown in.

As a child I remember lying in my upstairs bedroom along with my two sisters in their shared room.  It was a hot, humid summer evening about 9:00 pm.  and impossible to fall asleep.  We could hear our mom outside watering the plants with the hose.  Until – suddenly, she was at the bottom of the stairs, calling up to us “did we want to cool off by running through the sprinkler?”  “Did we what???”

My mom wasn’t known to be that spontaneous and this hot summer evening experience cooled us all off and filled our hearts with everlasting warm memories.

So keep an eye out for that right moment when you can decide – “what the heck!  Why not?”

It could be a lot of fun!

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