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A special gift

I spent the morning on Saturday at the Biggest Baby Shower Ever sponsored by Mayo Clinic Franciscan Healthcare.  I sat at The Parenting Place’s table and got to meet and visit with so many first-time as well as second and third-time-parents-to-be.

It’s very joyful to see so many pregnant woman in one place.  I couldn’t help but “beam” at the sheer number of adorable “baby bumps” so proudly parading around.  Not that long ago, women wore maternity smocks and dresses that hid their pregnancies in tent-like designs.  Heaven forbid we would flaunt our pregnant selves.

However, I believe showing off one’s Baby Bump sends a beautiful message that sings “I am carrying a cherished treasure that we are already lovingly nurturing.

It’s hard not to feel in awe.

There was a time in my life, however, when seeing so many pregnant women would have made me feel sad – for myself.  Then it seemed like I was surrounded by women who just thinking about getting pregnant was enough to do the trick – those who would say we want to get pregnant in the summer and that’s when they did.  I remembered that time as I sat and quietly thought of the number of other couples out there that so desperately want to become pregnant, have a baby bump of their own and deliver a child together.

A baby is the most precious gift anyone could receive.  There are so many people trying to have a child only to face disappointment month after month.

That’s why I encourage all parents to be aware and sensitive to the challenges couples who are trying to conceive face and never take for granted this special gift and privilege that pregnancy bestows  upon you.

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