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Blue Moon

A quiet day – a laid-back week – a lazy weekend – that all sounds very good to me after several busy weeks.  This may also be exactly what you and your children need in preparation for the beginning of the school year. Often summer schedules get pretty hectic and bedtimes are later than usual. If that’s the way it is at your house,  this is the time, if you haven’t already begun, to  put your children to bed earlier each night,  in order for them to be up and ready on the first day of school.

I like to think the sun agrees and that’s why we can watch it setting over the river earlier and earlier each evening, suggesting to everyone it’s time to prepare for bed. It might be fun to take your child down to Riverside Park at dusk and let them say good night to the sun as you watch it sink below the horizon.

I also  love the quiet, peaceful book, Grandfather Twilight by Barbara Berger – a perfect read- aloud at this time of year;  this week, in fact, as the moon grows full on August 31st. Children may not yet be familiar with twilight,but actually talking about and looking for twilight to appear in the sky could be a peaceful prelude to preparing themselves for bed.  And it’s even more fitting when the moon is full.

Did you realize that sometimes there are two full moons in a month?  Actually, this month,  August 2012,  has two full moons this year. There was a full moon on August 2nd and another will grace the sky on the 31st.  You’ve probably heard the expression “once in a blue moon”.  Well, that expression comes from the fact that it is quite rare to have two full moons in one month. So this full moon on the 31st will be a blue moon – one to be noticed and celebrated.

I think I’ve mentioned before my affection for the moon.  It’s such a precious, grounding object.  The moon’s cycle is so predictable and once you begin to take notice like I always do, its constancy is quite magical.  For me, I love to know that even as I admire the moon from my backyard in Wisconsin, so can our children across the country see the very same moon watching over them.

Which brings me back to children – yours, and watching over them as they prepare for what is always a very significant day – the first day of the new school year.  May it be a very good year for them – and for their often “nervous” parents.

Don’t forget to give me a call at The Parenting Place, 784-8125 if you want some help in preparing  your child or you for the transition to school. I am more than happy to take first- day- of -school- calls from parents who weren’t prepared to be so emotional.

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