Take a break

Sometimes you just have to “fess up” – come clean, tell it like it is.  The original post that I had begun to write this week was just not coming together for me.  (Darn – and it seemed like such a good idea too!)

So I tried another angle – thought I was on to something – and even that fell flat.

What’s going on here?  Is it that blue moon from the other night or what?

Sometimes as parents, we also have to admit that the path we are pursuing with our child is not working.  We are trying something over and over and nothing is changing a particular behavior.

That’s when it is helpful to take a step back and consider.

Recently I spoke with a parent who was frustrated trying to toilet train their just-turned-three-year-old son.  They had tried every angle in the book – to no avail.  I suggested they take a break – a real break –  stopping everything, all talk and expectations.  Their son liked that idea and shared with all those he met that they were indeed “taking a break” from potty learning.

When they started up again, even though there was great uncertainty at first that this would ever happen –  just like that – mission accomplished.

Maybe I just needed to “take a break”.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend and are feeling peaceful about their children’s first day of school tomorrow.

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