This weekend we watched the movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  Both my husband and I were profoundly moved by the ficticious story of a young boy, Oskar, and his emotional struggle to understand and accept the death of his dad who died on September 11 in the World Trade Center attack.

Oskar and his dad shared a powerful positive relationship together and because of this, Oskar is convinced that his dad has left a final message for him, hidden somewhere in the city.  His search leads him to successfully discover this connection he seeks from his dad as well as the power to overcome his fears.

Oskar always refers to September 11th as “the Worst Day”. One can definitely understand why.  More than 3,000 children had parents who died in the 911 attacks.  Each of these children have their own true emotional story.

As parents, it is unthinkable to imagine our children growing up without us.  I remember the hard conversations when our children were young, trying to imagine who would be their guardian if we were not alive.  This process alone is painful – but the reality of not having a direct plan is much worse.

That’s why The Parenting Place has planned an Estate Planning Seminar for parents.  I mentioned this to a parent recently who laughed and said, “What estate?”.

Even if one doesn’t have an estate to speak of, there is very significant information to learn.  It is about understanding essential documents that all parents should have for their own peace of mind and the security and future of their children. There are even ways to continue instilling your values if you are gone.

The estate planning attorneys at Johns, Flaherty and Collins will provide information and answer questions and concerns.  This is an introduction to prepare parents with the facts and knowledge to inspire the conversation we encourage them to have.

It is distressing to think if the “unthinkable” happens and we do not have a plan for our children’s future, it will be the courts who will make that decision for us.

I know from experience how easy it is to put this conversation off.  That’s why I encourage you to attend this free informational workshop – a time to listen, to ask questions and to learn what it is you can do to make sure your family is best taken care of for whatever life brings.

I’ll be there.  Hope to see you too.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me.   Registration is necessary.  To register, call The Parenting Place, 784-8125.  There is limited childcare available.  Call early.

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