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One of the parenting basics that we all learn when our children are young is to offer them limited choices.  “Would you like to wear these red socks today or the yellow ones?”  “You need to hold my hand.  Which hand would you like to hold?”

These simple opportunities for our children to be a part of the process provides them the chance to feel like they do have a say in some matters, preparing them for making choices that will become more complicated as they grow older.

As parents, we have the opportunity to model for our children ways in which we, as individuals and as families, weigh and make our decisions that influence our lives.

One of them is making sure we participate every year exercising our right to vote.  Next week, November 6th, is Election Day, 2012.

This year happens to be a national election voting for the President of the United States as well as those running for state and national Congressional seats.   But there are also local community issues like the ones in La Crosse – referendums for a new elementary school for the North Side.  Parents and community people are working hard to get the word out about why they feel this is an important option for the North Side and all of La Crosse. Another educational initiative is Western Technical College’s referendum for improving facilities and acquiring and improving properties.

It is up to us, as parents and involved citizens, to learn the issues, both local and national and let our children see us making a difference by voting – by making a choice.

Taking your children,  from an early age, to observe you voting is a powerful lesson in  our individual rights as citizens.  In Wisconsin, there is early voting through Friday, November 2nd – a convenience for parents especially with young children in tow, to avoid the crowds on Election Day.

Our children are watching and learning from us.  Let’s make the right choice.  Let’s all go and vote!

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