Tumbling tumbleweeds


There’s something magical to me about a tumbleweed rolling down the road – especially when that road happens to be a street right in the middle of La Crosse.  But I have been lucky enough to find four of them this year.

I know – people seem to be very surprised and wonder, where do you find them?  They say they never see them.  Well, I’m starting to believe they find me.  I think I’m a tumbleweed magnet!

Of course, I do love them – their bounciness, their cheerfulness, their freedom.  They make me smile.  And whenever I see one, I’m unable to resist.

I picked up one and brought it to our annual Bunny Hop for the children to chase.  Then there was the one I had accompany me to 1st Friday Out Play Shoppe recently.  And last week, as I walked Tootsie in the neighborhood, there was yet another one meandering towards me.

I knew instantly what I would do with this one.  I brought it home – a feat in itself – bouncy dog in one hand, large tumbleweed in the other – and Tootsie, convinced this was an extra big toy for her to play with.

We decorated it with tiny bright lights and hung it on our house.  It’s perfect!

Of course, when the holidays are done, we will take off the lights and send the tumbleweed on its merry way.

I said I found four tumbleweeds this year.  Are you wondering what happened to the fourth?  Well, this one found me only a few days after decorating our holiday one,  in almost the very same spot – on a walk with Tootsie.  But I had to draw the line, and release it  – very wistfully though. So keep your eyes open.  You may come across one yet.

At this busy time of year, when lists are long and time short, I hope you find some moments to enjoy and appreciate the tumbleweeds in your life – the bounciness, playfulness, mind-of-their-own, independence, adventurousness of children.

They’re really hard to resist!

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