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Thank you

Change is never easy – for the person setting off in search of a new adventure or for the ones left behind.  This week staff at The Parenting Place heard the news that Lisa Metz, a long-time Parent Educator and friend to many – is setting off on such an adventure for herself.

Her absence will be felt by staff and participants alike for her compassion, her knowledge, her support, her wit, and her creative style.

I was facilitating the children in the Playroom at the old Family Resource Center’s 4th Street location when I first met Lisa.  She was attending Parent Connection as a mom, with her two young boys.  It was years later that Lisa became part of our Parent Education staff, facilitating the Parent Connection group herself, as she has done for many years since.

I want to say personally to Lisa -” You go girl.  Use what you’ve learned, use what you’ve given and gotten in return.  Take the chance – to discover new opportunities and success – and  be happy.”

You will be missed.  We wish you the very best.

Thank you, Lisa.

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