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A perfect antidote

I have been making homemade play dough for many years.  It has always turned out fine – there were no complaints, even though I always felt, personally, there was an element of smoothness that was missing.

But … the play dough I made for Friday’s Play Shoppe was different – all because of one slight change.

Instead of adding the water to the ingredients in the pot and cooking the play dough on top of the stove as I’ve done for years, I boiled the water separately and added it to the other ingredients right in the bowl, stirred, kneaded – and the result?

It was the smoothest, best consistency play dough I have ever made – with no messy pot to clean.

So I offer my new and improved recipe for all of you to know the pure, sensory experience for yourself – that of kneading warm, just made play dough.  It is the perfect antidote to the dreary, gray skies of left-over winter and cabin fever.

A true stress reliever – Enjoy.

And don’t forget to let the children play too!

Beautiful Play Dough Recipe

2 cups flour; 4 tablespoons cream of tartar; 2 tablespoons cooking oil;1 cup salt; 2 cups of boiling water; food coloring of your choice; (I also added some glitter to make it special for our Valentine celebration, but it’s not necessary).  Put all in a mixing bowl, mix and then knead until consistency is perfect.

Store in ziplock bag.

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