Puddle season

Driving home on Saturday from the Bunny Hop in the rain (yes – pouring down, raining cats -and -dogs- rain), I passed a dad and his young son, 5 or 6-years-old, hooded rain jackets on – in an empty parking lot riding their bikes through puddles.

I definitely “get” the fun of riding through puddles.  When I am on a bike and see a puddle, I still need to go through it – every time.  I love the quiet swish of the wheels through the water.

And now that April is here, so is puddle season upon us.  Make sure to get out and take full advantage of the free entertainment nature provides for the child in all of us.  And hardly a child anywhere can resist the lure of a puddle.

So often, however, I know  our first response as busy parents is to quickly and firmly say ” NO” to puddle exploration.  It’s wet, muddy, messy and who has the time?

But the fact is, that if at my age now,  I can still feel like a 7-year-old when riding through a puddle on my bike, wading through puddles in my boots, chipping away at stubborn remains of crusty snow banks to allow my “rivers” to flow – and floating sticks down those “rivers” – it means that way back, when I was a young child – these passions began, appreciation grew and continued – sensory memories resonating warmly and joyfully within me to this day.

It was a gift pure and simple.

Thank you, Mother Nature.

I wish all of you a very happy Spring!

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