Crash, bang, alakazam

Last week Mother Nature provided us with a vivid demonstration of her power.  There was rain, sleet, snow, thunder, lightning, and a pelting of hail that struck the rooftops with a fury.

Sound familiar?  Often parents share their child’s temper tantrums with me, and indeed, many of them fall into this severe weather category.

We all know what to do when Mother Nature declares her worst.  We’ve heard it many times – how to protect ourselves during severe storms – from staying away from windows, taking cover in the basement or interior room -being prepared with flashlights, etc.  It is a part of living in Wisconsin that we accept.

Very often, however, we are informed that there is only a severe weather watch.  This is different from the full-blown warning.  The watch means that conditions are ripe for severe weather to develop.

As parents and meteorologists of our children’s behavior barometers,  it is this attention to the conditions that are ripe for a full-blown temper outburst in our child that will make all the difference.

What might they be?  Fatigue, too much stimulation, too many errands in a row, hunger, too high expectations, stress in family, needing connection/attention, too many restrictions, lack of time and space to be boisterous and active in a positive way, lack of time to play alone,  need for more routine and structure, insecurity – the list goes on.

Careful observation of a child’s behavior will tell us what he/she needs.

By paying attention to what sends your child over the top, what makes his cloud open up and rain down, with thunder and fury – you will be prepared to provide him/her with what he/she needs to keep the sunshine bright.

If your child is experiencing meltdowns and you are wondering why and how best to handle them, give me a call at The Parenting Place, 608-784-8125.

Together we can weather the storm.

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