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Two Treats

Sometimes certain things seem too simple to be significant.

I think storytelling might fall into this category.  It’s thought of as a gift that maybe a few people might possess – or perhaps a lost art that can’t compete in today’s world of technology and fast video clips.

That is – until you watch a child’s face as he listens to a story – the rapt expression – the wide eyes – the focused attention.  Because when a story is being told, the listener experiences such an intimate moment, such a strong connection to that person who speaks so directly to him.

Through storytelling, our imaginations grow.  Wonder, fear, sorrow, joy, courage, compassion and empathy are experienced,  and as listeners, we are enriched.

I just finished reading a novel by Jennifer Niven – a coming-of-age story set in the Ozark mountains.  The author talks about “bone memory – a way of remembering and knowing something that is deep in your blood and in your bones – the places and people you come from – even if you haven’t consciously learned about those people or experienced them”.

I believe that’s what stories can evoke.

Next week on Monday, May 13th at The Parenting Place, master storyteller Sara Slayton will give us this opportunity – to perhaps awaken our own “bone memory” with the warmth, wisdom and wit she’ll share with us through her stories.

In addition, Sara will give us some tips to encourage using storytelling in our own families as a way to connect, to teach to love and to remember.

The Parenting Place is so excited to offer this special free event to our participants.  A special dessert treat will be served after the presentation – thus the name, Two Treats. 

It is a gift from us to you that we value and believe will be enjoyed and remembered.

I hope to see you there!

To register for TWO TREATS, Monday, May 13th, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM, The Parenting Place, 1500 Green Bay St., La Crosse, call 784-8125.  Limited childcare is available. 

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