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keep in touch

There was a heart-warming story the other evening on the nightly news.  At the National Zoo in Washington D.C., a little girl was running back and forth along the window that housed a sea lion.  The sea lion, in turn, was mimicking her moves as they circled back and forth, back and forth – in sync.  Until the little girl tripped and fell.  The sea lion then immediately stopped and swam to the side of the window where the little girl was – to check on her friend – concern and emotion obvious in her eyes and her behavior.

When we’ re open to being touched by relationship, opportunities can be discovered – varied, unexpected and powerful.

On Friday at The Parenting Place Play Shoppe, we said good bye to a mom, Niki and her 4-year-old daughter, Estella. Both Niki and Estella have been coming to our parent/child activities regularly just since Fall.  They very readily, however, became integrated, significant participants, both at Play Shoppe and Parent Connection – Niki for her gentle, wise and understanding manner and knowledge, and Estella for her exuberance, her joi de vie, her strong emotions, and her lovely spirit.

Niki and Estella are off to join Dad who went on months earlier to start a new job.  Now with the house sold, their belongings packed, they are ready to begin a new journey.

At Play Shoppe on Friday, we presented Estella with an apron that many of the children had decorated with their hand prints and names.  When Estella realized that this was a gift for her, she responded passionately and sincerely, “For me? Oh, thank you everyone!” said as only a true diva can say it.

This is one of the reasons Play Shoppe is so special to me.  It is a place to meet others, make friends, be “touched”. And when participants, like Niki and Estella, need to move on, they take, I believe, the support and friendship they found at The Parenting Place and leave behind the very same with all of us.

Thank you for your support and friendship Niki and Estella.

Continue to” touch and be touched” by those around you.

If you have not yet visited The Parenting Place Play Shoppe or Parent Connection,  check online at http://www.theparentingplace.net or call 608-784-8125 for the times and days these programs are offered in La Crosse, Onalaska, Sparta and Tomah.

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