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the beginning

I’ve had several occasions recently to be at Gunderson Medical Center and have been charmed each time I hear the short lullaby that is played throughout the building announcing the birth of a new baby.  So joyful, it’s put a smile on my face every time.

I love this public sweet announcement of a baby’s arrival.  I thought about it on this Father’s Day weekend and realized that not only was there a new baby being born each time, but also a new dad.

A few weeks ago as I was leaving the clinic, a car careened into the circular drive in front, a young wild-eyed man jumped out and rushed through the revolving doors, excitedly repeating to the volunteer attendant,  “My wife’s having a baby!”.  They quickly yet quietly responded and went out with a wheelchair to get his wife, instructing him to slow down,  go and park the car, and they would wait for him right there.

Oh, did my heart go out to this young man – the reality of his impending fatherhood so apparent on his face.  “My wife is having a baby!”

Becoming a dad is quite a monumental event.  Perhaps along with the lullaby,  a majestic march should be played to propel newly-born dads forward or a symphony with four distinct movements performed to honor and inspire the decades of fathering to come.

For just as moms, dads grow into their positions of Dad one day at a time – one sleepless night, one crying child,  one sticky hug, one hand held, one piggy back ride,one set of wondering eyes at a time – till there is no imagining life without being someone’s dad.

Congratulations to all the new and old dads out there and thanks to my own dad, always alive in my loving memory of him.

For any dad out there looking for information, support, connection with other parents and children, give me a call at The Parenting Place, 784-8125.

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