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Saturday was International Mud Day 2013  so to celebrate, The Parenting Place Friday Play Shoppe provided a mud experience for the children in our cozy backyard play space.

And what a lovely morning it was.  If anyone wonders about the attraction of water, mud, sand, grass, Friday morning proves its magic.  Children were busy working, carefully and thoughtfully, pouring, mixing, carrying, stirring, scooping, squishing, ladling, and discovering.

Once the environment was set and the children arrived, the rest was up to them.  I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes – one from Maria Montessori, that says …“the children are now working as if I did not exist”.

And that’s the way Mud Day went for us.  There was no need to interfere, to suggest, to teach.  These children were scientists in their own right – experimenting, analyzing, concocting.

For some children it was the water that fascinated them.  Little children passed each other, carefully carrying a container of water from one source to another – an accomplishment that was evident by the look of concentration and triumph on their faces.

What I noticed most was the lack of any frenetic running, screaming, wild behavior.  There was, instead,  such a sense of deliberate purpose and process that reigned.

I suppose the children did go home with some mud on their knees and sand in their hair but hopefully also relaxed, happy, and restored.

And mud day for me?  Absolutely irresistible.

If playing with mud sounds irresistible to you, a mud kitchen (and water play) will be offered at The Parenting Place’s Children Festival on Saturday, August 24th from 9:00 AM -12:00 PM at Myrick Park.  Admission buttons are $4 or 3/$10. in advance, or $5. on the day of the event.  Children under one are free.  For more information, call (608) 784-8125. Play clothes highly suggested.

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